The Benefits of Packaging Box Company in Bellerose

benefits of packaging box company

Packaging box companies assist businesses in Bellerose in distinguishing their products from competitors, while fostering brand identity and offering safe product delivery services. In some instances, they can even lower DIM weight charges, which are calculated based on package size.

Packaging Solutions of Florida provides comprehensive packaging solutions that fit a range of budgets, and flexible manufacturing capabilities that meet any business’s individual requirements and specifications.


With the increase of online commerce, many businesses are turning to custom packaging solutions as an effective means of protecting product during transport. Unfortunately, effective packaging can come at a cost; businesses must find ways to balance price with protection without compromising either. There are ways of saving money without compromising quality when it comes to packing products securely for delivery.

Investment in a box-making machine, for instance, can reduce manual packaging tasks significantly and free up warehouse staff for other projects or decrease storage and shipping costs significantly.

Automated machines can help companies select the ideal box size for their products, helping to avoid high dimensional weight charges that increase shipping costs significantly and can lead to costly product returns that harm company reputation. Furthermore, this approach can improve productivity while decreasing workplace injuries as well as building brand recognition while cutting marketing material costs.


With ethical shoppers becoming more prominent, businesses are turning towards eco-friendly packaging as a means of protecting the environment while simultaneously building brand recognition and increasing sales. Eco-friendly packages use less materials and energy during production while offering safe product deliveries directly to consumers.

The term “eco-friendly” can often be misrepresented and mislead consumers. To be effective and avoid greenwashing, specific words must be used when discussing eco-friendliness – the Federal Trade Commission has even set forth guidelines for companies who claim to be eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly packaging is eco-friendly in both terms of its recyclable nature and reduced pressure on natural resources. Recycling one ton of paper saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 17 trees, 682 gallons of oil, 4,100 kWh of electricity usage and 7,000 gallons of water; in addition it reduces DIM weight charges which depend on package size/contents as well as opening up valuable warehouse space thereby saving both costs and space!


Durability in packaging is of the utmost importance; it should keep products safe during distribution and shipping while projecting a positive image for your business. No matter if its made of corrugated cardboard or another material, its construction must be strong enough to support product holding capabilities as well as endure transportation strain.

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When selecting boxes, make sure the company offers customization services. This allows you to include various text sizes and colors on the packaging to match with your brand guidelines. When customizing, ensure the font chosen fits with these guidelines.

Selecting the ideal materials for your box can save both money and the environment. For instance, paper-based solutions use less plastic that needs recycling or composting while simultaneously decreasing airfreight costs by decreasing shipment weights and helping the environment by cutting fuel usage in delivery vehicles.


Your product packaging provides an invaluable opportunity to communicate your company’s brand, message and values. Instead of leaving blank space unoccupied by unnecessary text or graphics, use it to showcase your logo or provide important regulatory or informative copy.

As part of your design for a box, be sure to choose font and colors that align with your brand and are easily legible to customers. This is particularly crucial if you plan to promote it via social media; Instagram influencers regularly post “unboxing” videos of products they receive from brands and companies on Instagram; these influencers may share positive views if the packaging is appealing; additionally, attractive packaging could act as a call to action for your customer to follow your social channels; adding QR codes may encourage this as an inexpensive means of increasing digital visibility!