VSLPackaging – Packaging Company in Houston, USA

Corrugated and Paperboard Boxes

Corrugated boxes are essential components of many businesses in Houston, USA, from drop shippers and retail stores, to drop shippers and the like. Used to pack and deliver goods directly to customers, corrugated boxes can also be customized with graphics or meek logos for branding. Furthermore, their protective qualities ensure items arrive intact.

Corrugated boxes provide products with additional protection, while their flat outer layers make printing on them an efficient means of reaching customers. With both functionalities in place, these corrugated containers make the perfect combination between marketing and logistics in getting products into customers’ hands.

Packaging companies offer an array of services, ranging from product design and engineering, printing and customization, product sourcing, to the customization and modification of various products, such as rigid plastic containers, flexible packaging materials such as closures or specialty cartons; paper solutions as well as facility solutions are also provided by these firms. All these offerings aim to reduce costs while increasing productivity for their customers while being environmentally-friendly as less plastic is used thus decreasing ocean eutrophication – the phenomenon where too much nutrients collect in an ecosystem causing it to rise eutrophication – by using less plastic the harmful eutrophication occurs due to accumulation of nutrients accumulated by ocean waters over time.


VSL Packaging produces custom and retail packaging supplies such as paper boxes, bags, custom shippers and pop displays for retail purposes. In addition, they provide design services, prototypes and 3D renderings of products. Based in New York City since 2019, this private company competes against larger custom packaging supply stores like Paper Mart and Bags & Bows for customers’ custom packaging needs; their website address is www.vslpackagingcom-us and they were very professional and fast in meeting my deadlines! It was great working with them!

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