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Allied Signal has six regional distribution centers throughout the United States and has served its valued customers for over 63 years. As a packaging company, we strive to provide the highest quality service, while keeping the best rates possible for our valued customers. We’re located in Brooklyn, NY and have six regional distribution centers across the US. Contact us today to find out more about our packaging solutions! Read on to learn more. Our goal is to help you save time and money with our products and services.

new york packaging

New York Packaging is a premier supplier of plastic bags and packaging materials to the supermarket industry. The company began in 1959 as a sole plastic bag manufacturer, but has grown into a pure-play distributor. In 2010, BASE acquired the company along with its CEO. The goal was to improve our business process and help NewYork Packaging continue to innovate and grow. Our products are designed to help you save money on packaging. We have an easy-to-use, robust, online system that helps our customers save time and money.

In order to minimize the risk of toxic exposure, we use less toxic packaging materials. Hazardous packaging regulations are a good idea for the environment and for your business. These laws will protect consumers and the environment and reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills. By following the law, we will save time and money. The state of New York is leading the way in environmental protection. By implementing these regulations, we can help the environment while protecting our citizens.

TPCH recently completed a comprehensive testing program to evaluate the impact of the law and identify areas for outreach. They also developed an interactive website for consumers to learn more about the potential benefits of the new laws. Among the results of this testing program are a list of products and industries that can benefit from the latest developments in packaging technology. Our experts are ready to assist you in your next project. Just visit our website and get in touch with our experts today!

Paxiom’s solutions are simple and compact. Their machines are available in different sizes, including stand-up pouches and pillow pouches. WeighPack wicketed bagging machines are designed to fill and seal pre-made bags. The company is constantly developing new products and improving the customer experience. With this, we help you increase production, decrease waste and improve customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to expand your business, contact a New York packaging company for more information.