Digital Signage Providers in New York

If you are looking for a New York digital signage provider, you’ve come to the right place. The most popular place in the world to display your advertising message is Times Square. It is home to the iconic ball drop that is internationally recognized. Besides being one of the most prominent places in the world, One Times Square also has the highest-profile advertising space in the city. The sign’s location makes it an ideal choice for advertising purposes as it offers full-motion exposure, live-streaming capabilities, and interactive features. In fact, New Tradition turned the bottom 3 screens into one big screen and incorporated them into one big one. The signage is 200 feet high and targets a traffic area that covers five blocks.

digital signage providers in new york

Among the benefits of digital signage is the ease of updating and changing the content. With a CMS, retailers can easily push new content to their sign, eliminating the need to reprint it. With a few clicks of the mouse, retailers can change the content on the sign and have it look as they want it to. It is also easy to move between locations because it can be easily installed on multiple walls.

A new addition to the media landscape is a new chief revenue officer for Superior Digital Displays. Lou Formisano has enjoyed a highly successful executive career for over three decades. After graduating from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, he was hired as a creative director at Gannett Outdoor before moving to the sales side. At Viacom Outdoor, he was a Senior Vice President of Sales and was responsible for significant growth in transit advertising and traditional billboards.

In addition to being a highly respected executive, Lou Formisano is now Chief Revenue Officer for the newly-formed company Superior Digital Displays. He has a distinguished career in the advertising industry spanning over three decades. After graduating from Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, he was an art director at Gannett Outdoor and transitioned to the sales side at Viacom Outdoor Systems. In these roles, he helped oversee the growth of traditional billboards, transit advertising, and other outdoor media.

FASTSIGNS(r) is a digital signage provider that will provide the equipment needed for your message to be broadcasted. In addition to delivering your message to your target audience, FASTSIGNS(r) helps you gain visibility through the use of eye-catching digital displays. For businesses, this is an excellent way to introduce a new product, notify staff members of an upcoming event, or recognize staff members for their efforts.

While most digital signage providers in New York are able to design and build digital signs for your business, MetroClick is the best option for your needs. With a CMS, you can easily manage your content without relying on IT professionals. This means less hassle for your customers. The company also offers flexible payment terms and is open to different forms of advertising. Whether you are looking for a digital signage provider, you’ll be sure to benefit from the latest technologies in this field.